Monday, August 13, 2012

Unfair Meme Disruption

Here's what's up: last year my good friend Joel tried to organize a Google Hangout viewing party of the ABC Family movie "Cyberbully" (spelled Cyberbu//y), but it fell through. I finally had the chance to watch the movie last night, and it was abysmal in the way that I can enjoy a movie. I notified Joel of my viewing:

To which he responded:

(dogface and lardo is a joke from the movie)

I clicked the link:

The producer of this film goes by the name LiberalTom. I checked out his profile and found this:

Whenever I'm presented with something this silly and/or heartwarming, I post it to dump. As a mod, I can directly autoplay the video to mess with people. I got a few favs, which didn't count towards my score (mod hacks don't factor in), but most thought provoking was the response from dumper erikhaspresence, who responded

Which was true, since dump was having a hivemind moment with a "Tom Moody" meme, like so:

Closing thoughts:
  • What makes for a good hivemind?
  • How many more Tom Moody memes do we need on dump?
  • Is there a Brooklyn-based band called "Unfair Meme Disruption" forming right now?
  • Can a video disrupt an image-pair meme?
  • What's stronger in terms of remix value, an image or a video?

Saturday, August 4, 2012