Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Hike GIFs - Ramona Falls

Technical notes: I'm using the "continuous shutter" setting on my camera to take pictures about a half a second apart each. I then either stabilize them by hand in Photoshop (the tilt ones especially need this) or I use the Warp Stabilizer plugin in After Effects. I then export them as GIFs, trying to keep the filesize as low as possible while maintaining color depth. Depending on the image, this can be easy or hard - for instance, the full shot of the falls (4 images up) uses only 32 colors!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Poll responses, pt. 1

Thanks to all who participated in my informal poll last month. I've begun work on the 10 drawings I plan to complete for the respondents. So far, this is working as a great excuse to learn HTML5's canvas element. Here are the first 3:

"#2 - Ghost-modernist" for James McKain
(I actually made another image initially, but I like this better)

 "#5 - brush for actual artist that I hardly ever use" for Samuel Howe

"#4 only - but you know this" for Tom Moody

Again, thanks to @oh_god and @noisia for their help on getting the canvas stuff working. These guys should be coding crazy stuff for a living.