Friday, May 25, 2012

Taking a poll

I am taking an informal poll on drawing program effects. As someone who's worked with drawing programs for most of my life, I suspect that I have certain biases towards effects. I'm interested to learn what qualities most people perceive in marks like those above, and what associations they form.

If you would like to participate, please comment on this post with your general thoughts on each numbered mark. Responses can be as short as a word, and as long as you like. Anyone who responds will receive a custom artwork based on their responses.

Thank you for your help!


  1. 1. assertive
    2. ghost-modernist
    3. juicy
    4. eh, not enough
    5. bad hair tutorial

  2. 1 - pretty standard brush stroke with a nice hard edge

    2 - feather = 5

    3 - raised brush 3D OMG!

    4 - sloppy selction/unrefined edge - needs some smooth

    5 - brush for actual artist that i hardly ever use

    yes i am a photosheep

  3. 1 - default/lazy
    2 - easy to learn/hard to master
    3 - mr cool guy
    4 - authentic/pretty
    5 - cliche

  4. 1 a line
    2 fuzz
    3 1998
    4 computer
    5 something is on my face

  5. Matthew DurranceMay 25, 2012 at 3:33 PM

    1) I thought all computer drawing looked like this (I assume, because all my experience is in Paint.) Looks dull, dependable, and a little retro.

    2) I feel like I need to put my glasses on, except they're already on my face. If my computer screen was filled with lines like this, I'd probably punch my screen and have to buy a new one.

    3) This is probably the most pleasant looking, but I keep expecting the glob of paint to start running and get messy.

    4) Lazy, outdated computer. Seriously, computer, render this image to something past 1999.

    5) I think I see a faint swirl in the background. I think someone is trying to make it look "authentic" like a paint brush. Unfortunately, it doesn't get beyond trying.

  6. 1: pretty basic, accomplishes most needs
    2: probably too large or opaque
    3: i warned you about stairs bro!
    4: so the fill tool is pretty cool
    5: draw tiny circles to make texture

  7. 1. Green ink stain
    2. Faded green ink stain
    3. Green Cheetoh
    4. Green MS Paint paintbrush
    5. Green string cheese incident

  8. 1. large marker
    2. out of focus stroke
    3. tumblr
    4. anti-anti-aliasing
    5. grass