Thursday, August 6, 2009

SOMEBODY hasn't updated in a while

Well, I guess I kind of fell off the internet for a while there. Work has been keeping my creativity in the office, and my latest art in my free time hasn't been as easy to post.

I've been working on a video game for about 1-2 weeks now. It's really pointless (one of my friends described it as "Myst, but less interactive!") but it's been eating up my drawing time. Here are some of the backgrounds from it. I'll post a playable version very soon, just need to polish a few things and add a title screen. Oh yeah, it's called "Nine Pizzas."

On another note, I tried writing a manifesto the other day. I'm having difficulty concluding, so maybe I'll sit down with it tonight and see what comes out. Mostly it's a rejection of postmodernism (lol). Again, will post when it's finished.

Well, back to work! I missed writing on here. I need to do this more.

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  1. Shout out to whoever called the game like Myst, but less interactive. :)