Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I've built a digital collage generator that combs through a specified folder and assembles compositions from what it finds. If there's any interest, I might sell an edition of these. I'm going to do some pricing today and tomorrow to see what my options are.

By the way, about the background for the past couple of days: social experiment. LOL.


  1. I like the new banner at the top! And thank you for stopping the flashing. Too trippy for me.

    The old lady

  2. if i were you, i'd sell the generator instead of the images - and that's not a swipe at the images - they're very cool -- i just think the art object in this case is the generator and not your images.

    liked your essay, by the way - got to it from artfagcity. good pov. think you could include better artist examples (cory arcangel or brendan fowler instead of murakami and the koons MJ/Bubbles reference) your ytmnd reference was spot on, imho - as was the paperRad - there are SO many more artist you can use as your proof of concept - the murakami and koons references feel too square peg/round hole - even though i understand where you're coming from with including them, i think it weakens your argument.

  3. Hi ghostfuk3r, thanks for taking a look!

    The reason I was thinking about selling prints rather than the generator itself was economic. It's easier to sell posters at $20 than to sell an infinitely replicable digital file for more than that, not to mention the images get distributed more.

    AS for the essay, I saw your post last night and slept on it. I think you're right about Murakami - he's more interested in creating a "brand" than just drawing from Anime. However, if you consider the Kaikai Kiki collective as a whole, the artists involve accomplish what I'm talking about. My inclusion of Koons was intended to show how appropriating fan cultue can go wrong (he's too heavy handed with the subject matter and just plain odd in his choice of materials), so I'll take a look at clarifying that.