Thursday, August 19, 2010

Virtual Art Fair

Slightly edited from my post on AFC:

I am hosting a Virtual Art Fair next week, starting on Monday the 23rd. Tours are free, booth space is free (about .00000001% of the norm!) but limited to 10 web-ready works each, either as < 2MB files or as hotlinked media. Interactivity is free. You can "curate" your own tour by collecting URLs and posting them together as a comment on an upcoming blog post. I get 0% of any sales the booths/artists make, and visitors can record whatever they want. Go, capitalism, go!

UPDATE: Please be sure to submit any contact info/prices/links that you would like me to display with your name and the list of works! Thanks!

UPDATE 2: Just to be clear, this is a Virtual "Art Fair," not a "Virtual Art" Fair, although virtual art is perfectly welcome and makes up the majority right now. Submit whatever! Please email your submissions to me by 12 PM Sunday at the latest!

Update 3: Teaser


  1. I should add, works must be submitted by 12PM Sunday. That gives me some time to make the booths.

  2. this is excellent, i'll try to get some stuff together.

  3. nice dude. I'll have to get my stuff to you on late sat/early sunday due to hard drive woes, but count me in.

  4. You are certainly a clever one! I can't wait to see what develops!

    The Old Woman

  5. Creativity comes in various forms.

    This one jumps the gun on the big shots. Lets see if we can do it for the "little guys!"