Thursday, September 23, 2010

Page Traversals

I've added some new experimental websites at this address. Might try learning javascript and jQuery in the near future; in the meantime I'm having loads of fun with outdated tags like marquee. Did you know that you can make marquees go up or down?!?!?!

Other stuff - writing a post on the power of "conglomerate texts" right now. Sounds overly academic, so I'm trying to keep my explanations approachable (and figure out a better term). I'm also almost done with sound collage album #2, which I will be uploading to my Soundcloud since Megauploads don't last forever... Bonus content will be available on a separate page on my site. It's a lot more sound than I originally planned for, running maybe an hour long.

I've been doing battle with processing because I need to know it, but I can't seem to get OpenCV to work with it. I'm really interested in the environment for webcam/eye tracking stuff - very jealous of some of the things I've seen Jeremy Bailey and Michael Manning accomplishing. I want my AR. :(

Lastly, the zoetrope and other project are steadily approaching completion, although I could be spending more time on them...We shall see.

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