Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sphere 2 and Dogs

edit: also this:


  1. Love the dogs ...

    The Old Woman

  2. The wing is great--we should have had our discussion about this vector work in your comments, sorry (instead of dump and email). I like what's happening in the dialog between vector and rasterized images--vector is so smooth and artificial and the jaggy edges and tremors you are getting in the post-vector crunching are adding a needed bite or tooth to all that smoothness. Also raising questions about how the images are made, what programs are responsible for which effects, and the importance of stepping outside a given vocabulary--playing one set of assumptions against another. That's a lot to ask of a flying wing, which is one reason that image is perfect--the dated artifact of our jet car future is used as a vehicle to question futuristic premises of current (or near-current) imaging software.