Saturday, January 15, 2011

Accomplishments of the Now

My laptop toasted itself late Wednesday night, so my routine is a bit thrown off. Thankfully, I was able to salvage the hard drive (it's now an external on my girlfriend's desktop PC), which held all of my vector source files and music. Whew! The upside to this situation is that I have an excuse to shop around for a new computer, and my routine is thrown off.

Recent work: Corpus, Artwork for Neighbors, TIWIDMCA, and the above, which I just finished. The image was made from a  heavily manipulated raster image of random noise, run through a tracing filter in Inkscape. I then adjusted layer colors & added gradients until things seemed right. The tracing algorithm leaves very dynamic outlines, and I like being able to separate a flat image into layers by color or value. Will be investigating this further.

I can't stop thinking about science fiction these days. I've been perusing Orion's Arm, the best work of collaborative worldbuilding on the net. You can't find articles on transapients and art movements of the next 8000 years just anywhere. I dig the 90's-esque superclean 3D renderings for ironic purposes.

Also not helping this obsession was my visit to the Walker on Thursday to view an exhibition of work by Yves Klein. His work is postmodern, precambrian, and anticipatory of life in space. If you look at Klein's sketches, you can tell that he didn't care for science in the same way the Cubists embraced relativity. (air roofs, Klein? really?) Klein was more interested in the spaces and existences than the mechanics.

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