Thursday, October 6, 2011

If I were a curator

A few ideas for digital art group shows/locations:

  • "Photo blankets" group show. Photo blankets are like $100-150 to have manufactured, so not a huge risk for participating artists. And you get a blanket!
  • Salon-style projections of GIFs covering walls. I'm thinking something like ITP's Big Screens projects but lots of little images. Horror vacui. Who was it that said GIFs are only good in groups?
  • No Computers Allowed: all physical artifacts of digital works. Artists must translate by any means necessary.
  • Icon Show: Group of artists makes physical work based off of their favorite computer icons. I'm imagining big butterfly collection-type displays.
  • Offline Store: Store that sells different mass-produced net art objects every month (like photo rugs, USB drives, etc.). Takes out the middleman - no need to copy the original when you can send the file to the manufacturer. Artists may not have say as to how their work is displayed.
  • Net art fashion? I think there's more up this vein than just what PBS tells you. Pepper from Scannerjammer has been making some cool shirts, and I know we have a few other merch pushers waiting in the wings.
  • Bigass lenticulars/holograms - one day, Joel!
  • OS: operating system-themed works. I have at least two large works planned for something like this, just need a wealthy, loving patron. Reach me at!

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