Thursday, January 19, 2012

New site - brushes

I wasn't feeling great today, so I stayed home from work and finished up a recent project: brushes. brushes is a webpage where you can use images from URLs as paintbrushes. You paste a URL into the top left field, then start doodling on the page, stretching copies of the image as you go.* The site lets you output the placement of the images as HTML/CSS once you're done, so you can use brushes to draft compositions for your own sites.  Here is an example output (also in the screenshot above). It's a real hack of a tool, but it's definitely way more open-ended than some of my other compositional sites. Major props once again to timb for, the definitive compositional website.**

*PROTIP: broken URLs are fun.
**sorry framit fans

Edit: another example pic. 3


    Someone had to do it.

    Reminds me of the great still life creator project of 2010. Love this.