Saturday, October 3, 2009

Links? OH NO

I'm turning into one of "those" blogs.

Below is a collection of links to artists that fascinate me right now, just in case anyone's interested. Not everything is in the "art scene," but it is all very visual and contemporary.
Lucy Lou: Comic artist, blogger, cat owner. Love the line work and subtle use of color.
Ambergris Comics! The Underground Comix of tomorrow, TODAY!
Panayiotis Terzis: Similar.
Tom Moody: Artist and writer, one of the thinkers at the forefront of confronting the use of digital imagery in art.
Cory Arcangel is one of the big names in multimedia art these days. Known for his unorthodox visual art, I would argue that he seems to be leaning more musical these days.
A weird fashion website I discovered a few nights ago. Interesting concepts for shirt collars, otherwise just hipster, but fun to peruse. NSFW.

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