Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Illusions

If you're visiting the site to see my example videos mentioned in my King Creativity Grant application, please scroll to the post below this one. Thanks!

This week has been fairly productive for me, especially for the development of my current painting, Landscape Piece (4th from the top). Outside of that, I've been really into optical effects pertaining to 3D lately, as evidenced by the tilt-GIF bee below.

The op-art pastiche painting at the bottom of this post is part of a test that incorporates anaglyph-like 3D into a painted surface via flashing colored lights. I can't test it right now because there are critiques in the studio all afternoon and evening, but maybe tonight I'll have a chance to give it a shot. Other than that, enjoy the doodles and keep watching this space!


  1. I like alientestsm! I like the colors and the design is intriguing.

    The landscape painting makes me think of a video game layout. Was that your intent?

    From one of your random relatives :-O

  2. Thanks for taking a look! Yes, the painting refers to video game landscapes. Specifically, Landscape Piece comes from a series I started in August:

    I'll have more info on it available by Friday.