Friday, November 27, 2009


I had a wonderful meeting with Professor Neal Daugherty from UT on Tuesday. Prof. Daugherty is a practicing and teaching multimedia artist, and our work overlaps both conceptually and technically in some areas. By the request of my painting professor, he visited the studios to critique my work and suggest what plans I might make for the future/grad school. We spent THREE HOURS going over my work, and every minute of it was packed full of useful information.

One of Prof. Daugherty's suggestions was that I branch out into using sound in my installations, and he suggested that I familiarize myself with the medium by making sound collages. I've been using Audacity for what sound work I've done on my own already, and so after downloading some Creative Commons-licensed recordings from, I made 4 decent, weird clips for you to enjoy. You can get the whole pack right here. Pretty fun; we'll see where this takes me!

EDIT: This is post 100! I'm a real blogger now! :D

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