Saturday, March 13, 2010

Atlantic Records Sucks

I get so tired of art about art about art. It has been useful in the past, sure, but how long can we continue without getting too insider and just plain boring? This is not to say that an artwork shouldn't draw on history for inspiration, but I read a quote recently that laid out the problem pretty clearly: “Imagine if musicians just wrote about the politics at RCA records.”

Instead, I'm starting to work more on images more involved in my personal sense of wonder, awe and fear. I've always been interested in these responses (GIF Piece was all about wonder, for instance), but I've decided to be more conscious about it. I made these images in a late-night photoshopping session where I was trying to explore the other side of the spectrum a bit more.


  1. Rappers have been making music about record company politics since before we were born. Also, most musicians write music about how they're in love. I don't think you're saying visual artists should follow suit?

  2. Klimt pulled it off pretty well, IMHO. If artists used themes just because most artists were doing it, we'd have movements again (or more genres) and a whole lot more crap to comb through (like music).