Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Freelance Work

The Spring issue of the Southwestern University Magazine debuted this week with the illustrations that I produced for them in February! You can check it out here (it's the first article.)


  1. Ours still hasn't arrived so I was glad to be able to see your work through the SU website. Great job!

    Can you get extra copies of the mag to put in your portfolio?

    Your biggest fan (That Old Woman)

  2. I like this piece. I'm still having a hard time fully understanding digital art, though. Maybe you can help, since Tom Moody likes to ignore people? I've enjoyed all kinds of weird stuff online for years (probably since you were a kid, since you're 21, right?). How do digital artists feel that their practice will overtake traditional media like painting? It's not like ebooks taking over paper books (which I don't think will happen either). How are artists supposed to make a living with digital art? It's even less stable than video art. (Sorry, I know this is a bit off topic. I just would really like to hear from a digital artist.)