Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dump IRL - Selected pics from setup/show

From left to right: Curator Lindsay Howard, founders Stefan Moore and Ryder Ripps, and anonymous artist

Animated tile by Chris Shier (the work can be viewed here)

"Ray" by anonymous (ed. Oct 2013)

Left to right: members Melipone and Frankhats

Working on my piece "In Rainbows" founder Scott Ostler

Gallery visitor standing in front of " Group Portrait" by Tom Moody

UPDATE: More pictures of the show here, taken by exhibiting artist/writer Erik Stinson. I also uploaded more photos to dump; you can see them in my log. Hit the previous button to page through.


  1. Thanks for sharing something about this. I wish I could have been there so, you know, they'd see that some women and non-white people are out there that pay attention to these things. Unless it really was only for the dumpers themselves. I just can't bring myself to dump. I'm pretty sure that someone would do something insulting in response to any attempt to post a gif, and my feelings are kind of delicate and stuff.

  2. Kamilah, a significant percentage of both participating artists and visitors to the IRL show were women and people of color.

  3. Sorry, I couldn't tell. I knew that there were a number of women involved with net art more generally, but I didn't see too many in direct connection with specifically. Thanks for correcting me. That's nice to know.